Best Routers for Streaming

By | September 14, 2017


Looking up for the best routers for streaming? Or can say, best routers for streaming videos? Yes! You have come to the right place. is the best place on the web for information on the latest routers. From AD Routers to AC Routers, we have you covered. So, what are these devices? The very basic question that pops into some one’s mind who is not very familiar with network routers is which home router is best for me?

These are basically small electronic devices that join multiple computer networks together. In the old days you could only have a couple devices connected to your home network router. Sometimes through a heavy network of wires and sometimes without them. Yes! Technology is advancing and most people don’t want a mess of wires around them so here we are with the most beautifully designed routers which are the fastest and best for networking at home and offices.


Routers have a processor in them, digital memory, with input and output interfaces. They function as a specially designed computer who does not have the keyboard or a display monitor. The routers memory is not the simple memory it stores an embedded operating system. The routers of today are smaller and faster. Take for instances wireless ad routers, they have speeds of over 4Gbps!


Routers, back in the day were only used in offices for heavy business work and were not very popular like they are now. They were very costly too. These were a big hassle for people as it required a professional to set them up and special technical training was required for their setups etc. At the time, mostly rich people were able to afford them due to their cost.


Home networking routers evolved eventually and became so mainstream and that you can find them almost in every house. Now, no one can think of living without a broadband system. Our new generation cannot walk or we can say take a single step, without the internet at their finger tips. It has become oxygen for us. No one can have a good food without clicking and upload the picture of it on social media. It is a good and a bad thing at times. On the bright side, we focus on the good one and want our customers to buy our ad routers.

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