Fastest Home WIFI Router

By | September 3, 2017

With so many wireless routers on the markets these days, It’s hard to know which router is overkill and which one is just right. Lots of people want to know what is the fastest home wifi router.  In this article I’m going to go over some of the differences between Wireless N Routers, Wireless AC Routers, and Wireless AD Routers. We’ll start with the newest routers to hit the market, because the newest is suppose to be the best, Right?

Wireless AD Routers have posted impressive speed results in multi router challenges. Top speeds from the new AD Routers were at; 4.6Gbps!! That’s crazy fast for crazy fast internet. To get the full potential out of a Wireless AD Router, you need some serious speed to go along. Fiber optic internet is the only way to go. With all that speed you can be a speed demon on the gaming field or stream music or videos streaming. Hands down, Wireless AD Routers are the fastest home wifi router on the market.

Wireless AC Routers are still pretty new to the market, just like the AD Routers. Wireless AC Routers are starting to become more widely adopted. At my work they recently switched over to Wireless AC Routers. With speed tapping out at 1.3Gbps. You can find a lot of great deals on Amazon and many of the other top tech sites. I’ve seen some AC Routers that are starting to blend in some AD Router functionality. This is making Wireless AC Routers very attractive and why they are becoming the fastest home wifi router.

Wireless N Routers are older but still a major player! Wireless N Routers have been on the market for 10+ years and still sell their fair share of the Wireless Router market. N Routers might be older, but they can still pack a punch. In our testing we clocked out Wireless N Routers in the range of 450Mbps. Most wireless routers that ISP’s supply to home users are Wireless N Routers. That has been a slow and steady transition from the slow Wireless G Routers of years past. The thought is by 2025, that most ISP’s will start to move towards wireless AC routers and make wireless N routers a thing of the past. Untill then, they will continue to be a common router found in post home environments.

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