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I am sure we all love to surf the internet and do on line browsing using super-fast Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi is just fast, but the price for the 802.11AC router is affordable. Another point is that point I will like to add that the Wireless AC router is not just fast, it can also be used to transfer files between devices in the home, offices. The AC router can also be used for streaming video and Gaming.

The 802.11AC Wi-Fi is just the perfect option for anyone in need of fast Wi-Fi performance.  The AC router is just the best option.

I promise at the end of this article you will thank me for writing on the 802.11 technology.  You will also see the reason why the 802.11AC router is well known for its wide coverage.

To start with, the wireless AC router is just a supercharged version of the 802.11N. The 802.11AC is over 12 times faster than the speed that can be provided by other router technologies. It delivers speed ranging from 433 Megabits per seconds to several gigabits per seconds. The 802.11AC router is known to employ the beam forming technology that gives the router access to send signal directly to the devices that wants to make use of the connection (client devices).  Unlike other Wi-Fi router technologies that use the 2.4GHz band or 60GHz bands, the AC router device is made exclusively for the 5GHz. The wireless AC router also has unique feature like the multiple device streaming, Multi User Multiple input, Multiple output (MU-MIMO) data streaming.

How the 802.11AC works

The AC router can make use of 8 spatial streams and the wireless AC router can squeeze large amount of data across the airwaves. Another edge the AC router has is that it also introduces the 256-QAM modulation which is an upgrade of the 64-QAM that  the 802.11N has, this feature gives the wireless AC router the ability to  squeeze(shifts and twists) about  256 different signal over into a single frequency into a slightly different phase.

As said earlier, the 11AC Wi-Fi introduces the standardized beam forming technology. Most of us may wonder what the beam forming technology is all about; the beam forming technology is a technology that gives room for transmitting radio signals directly to specific device. This unique feature of the 802.11 AC makes the wireless AC router more efficient and reduces the power consumption of the AC router.

Finally, another reason why the 802.11AC router is a perfect option is fully backward compatible. i.e it can  work efficiently and effectively with older 802.11g and 802.11 Wi-Fi routes.

The speed of the 802.11AC

Theoretically, the AC routers should have a better or the same range as the 802.11N wireless because of the 5GHz band it has and the beam forming technology.

Most people are very concerned about the speed of this router, the answers to this question can be in two forms, and the first answer is that the theoretical maximum speed which can be achieved in the lab and the maximum speed that is received at home which is the practical speed are surrounded by a wide range of obstacles that can attenuate the signal.

Theoretically, the maximum speed the Wireless AC router can have is 8 160MHz 256QAM of which each of the 8 of them are capable of delivering  speed of about 866.7Mps (Megabit per seconds) which implies that for the 8 of them, we  will  have a total of 6,933Mbps which is synonymous to the transfer rate of 900 megabytes per seconds.

The 802.11AC also gives you to opportunity to live in a cable free house; this is because the AC router has enough bandwidth length that gives room for streaming the highest definition (HD) content on your home theater, game, PC and set top box.

In summary, the 802.11AC Wi-Fi is the option if you want to enjoy all the values that have been explained above. It is a feasible alternative to the Ethernet.

The future of the 802.11AC

The future of the Wireless AC router is that the AC router will definitely work faster and will have a higher transfer rate. Four or more 802.11AC will also be needed to achieve a speed that is better than what it has. The only way this van be done is by Improving the hardware and software of the AC router.

I hope this article has been helpful on the wireless AC router. If you’re looking for other great articles on Wireless Routers, please check out our posts page with great wireless router articles!

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