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We are in a state of excitment to know about the affordable and efficient best internet wireless router which is the Belkin router. Due to the anxiousness, I will be giving an introductory summary of the pros (goods), the bad (cons) and the bottom line of the Belkin router before going into the main article.  For the purpose of this article, we will be considering the latest Belkin router which is the Belkin AC 1200DB Wi-Fi dual-band AC with Gigabit router.

The good of that the Belkin routerss offers the 802.11AC technology and it also gives an added benefit of the n600 router.

The bad side of the best internet wireless router is the fact that the router only supports a dual-system of both the AC Wi-Fi and N Wi-Fi standard and it does not have any other special feature it has to offer.

The bottom line; The Belkin router despite the novelty of the 802.11AC, the Belkin is an Unremarkable but decent Wi-Fi router.

I know that summarized introduction would have given you an insight of what you expect from the Belkin router.

I promise at the end of this article you will definitely thank me for writing on this.

To start with, I used to believe that the 802.11AC router is just a N900 router that have got the support of the 802.11AC standard on its 5GHz band not until I learnt that the Belkin routers has a router that have the capability of supporting N600 setup. The Belkin is also the first router that has a dual stream 802.11AC setup.

Apart from the few points I have mentioned above, the Belkin router has similar features and design to the N900.

I have also been able to understand that the Belkin router performs better on the 5GHz band than the 2.4GHz band. From my research I can say that the Belkin router is the most affordable router among the routers with the 802.11AC technology.

The design

The Belkin routers is designed to have a sleek UFO-shape chassis and it is also designed to come with hidden antenna. The Belkin router is made in such a way that it can work vertically on a small base and fall easily because the Belkin router has a narrow base and is also light.

The back of the router features a 4 gigabit Local Area Network (LAN) port which can be used for wired client and it also has one Wide Area Network (WAN) which gives it the privilege to connect to an internet source like the modem or the cable. The Belkin router also has two USB 2.0 ports that make it possible for the best internet wireless router to recognize and connect to hard drives or printers.

The Belkin router also has two wireless network configurations which are used for different purposes as encrypted on the label on them. The initial setup of the best internet wireless router is very easy because it comes with a CAT5e cable that has already been plugged or inserted into the Wide Area Network (WAN) port.

The Belkin router also comes with a CD that contains the Belkin regular Monitor. This software is simply a guide that gives step by step information (ranging from how to connect the router to the advanced settings) of the router.

Performance of Belkin routers

Holistically, I will say the working of the Belkin routers is decent. The Belkin router is the first 802.11AC router that has a dual stream standard and it work fast on an average scale. The router works well when closer than when farther. Averagely, based on the router testing at different locations the router will work at closer range more efficiently and effectively than at farther range.

The Belkin router when coupled with external USB drives gives a viable and productive result. The Belkin router is just a solution to the network storage problem you may have been having.

In conclusion, I will say this Belkin routers will give you a super -fast internet access when in close range.

I hope this article has explained and given you the information needed on the Belkin router. If you’re looking for other great articles on Wireless Routers, please check out our posts page with great wireless router articles!

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